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Becoming so involved with a person that you become oblivious to the reality of the situation
She would snap her fingers and I would jump, damn she got me caught up.
by Dan December 03, 2004
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1) Stuck on sumbody so much that u can't get off they jock

2)the Usher song that they play all the damn time
1)Johnathan and Patricia are so caught up. They always up under the other one.

2)I heard caught up on the radio for the 85th millionth time
by Lala and KK February 23, 2005
To get busted by the cops for participating in something illegal
I got caught up tagging up the freeway last year
by TFS July 24, 2005
1. getting caught by the police; being on radar by the police
<i>"Did you hear about michael throwin` it down the other day?"
"Yea, what happened?"
"He's on lockdown 'cause he got caught up. Some beezy called up the po-po."
by suckaFREEforsheezee July 08, 2005
Attempting to be cheat on a significant other but getting caught in the end
Your cheating on your girlfriend, as soon as she gets wind of what your doing, your "caught up".
by Dali77 March 17, 2009
1. Getting so horny that you and your partner stop everything they are doing and start fuckin and suckin.
Damn I was with that chick last night, she started rubbin me down and before i knew it we were gettin caught up!
by Dustin Kalamar December 12, 2008

controled beyond belief
"Wanna go tho the game friday?"



"I have to go wash my girlfriends feet then cook for her..."

"Man you are whipped...."
by A-RoN February 23, 2005

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