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A Deathgrind band from San Diego California. Their music is incredibly intense and chaotic. Some have even described their sound as "schizophrenic". Many people say they are a deathgrind or death metal band but their music is much more than just those genres.

Their lyrics often protest animal cruelty, consumption/production of meat, environmental damage in a very macabre style. All the band members are vegans which i think is fucking awesome (I'm a vegan as well).

Also, they can put on an incredible live show and the vocalists is great!!! I have had the pleasure of seeing them live and I was thoroughly impressed.

Some good albums of theirs that you should check out would be The Harvest Floor, Karma Bloody Karma, Humanure and To Serve Man.
by Slayer of Light June 30, 2009
a badass metal band out of sanfrancisco...

2 words:

cattle decapitation is FUCKING BRUTAL!
by Orlon September 13, 2006
this is an amazing death-grind band. the only way i can describe their music is like cannibal corpse, carcass, napalm death, and slayer all on steroids. and the vocalist, travis ryan, has seriously, the BEST exhales ever!!!!
oh man, i just listened to cattle decapitation!

dude, thats awesome!!!

i know, they're great!
by GeStAtIoN oF sMeGmA June 14, 2010