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1. Penis (slang).
2. A man who is a sexual conqueror.
3. A man who can’t be relied upon.
4. A nickname for a man with a large penis.
5. A condescending nickname for a man with a small penis.
Derived from an Italian dialect rooted in southern Italy: Calabria, Sicily.
1. “I haven’t had sex for months and pretty soon my catso is going to fall off.”
2. “Look at that freakin catso over there with a new girl. How many girlfriends does he have?”
3. “I heard Tony messed up real good last night.”
“That catso has f***ed up his last job. Rocco, go take Tony for a walk in the woods and make sure you don’t forget to give him his bonus.”
4. “Hey Catso, come here. If you get that fat bastard anywhere near my wife, I’m going to cut it off and send it to Somalia to feed the hungry. You hear me?”
5. “I gotta go take a leak.”
“Hey Catso, don’t forget your tweezers and glasses.”
by Gino DeBo November 29, 2005
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