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shes a smexy gerll
aaand you'll have mad fun wif her
she shall say funnay thangs that make you pee
anddd she doesnt know anything?!
hhahah idk im jk-ing
shes hot though.
so ask hur otu!?
hahha idk.
you will love her, kkkkkk. noooow go call hur
catrina is a fun gerl
by nothhhhhhhhing January 11, 2008
the biggest thottie of all time. catrina is a slut. she always looking for drama and wanting to fight over petty things. she steals everyones exes and smells like juicy butthole. she also has poop stains in her thong which is 3 sizes too small.
dude. that girl catrina smells like fish and is a big hoe.
by biggest thottie in the world. April 09, 2015
Someone who is known to have a lot of money and referred to as 'cheen gum lui' all the time. They normally have more than one room and comes from a very rich background.
A: Who is that girl? She looks so rich. Too bad she fails at Big2

B: She sounds like a Catrina to me
by lazygay39 November 21, 2010
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