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A hole you dig to go to the bathroom in when you are camping.
"Is there a bathroom anywhere near the campsite?"

"No, but you can dig a cathole in the wooded area over there"
by alamarang March 06, 2005
The anal opening usually encrusted with feces of an ordinary house feline.
Hey, get Fluffy off my table! I don't want to eat where his cathole has been.
by julieisthere March 22, 2010
Another word for vagina.
Beth is a slut. She has a loose cathole.
by Dsxpress March 26, 2010
How you feel after pulling an all nighter partying. Including that scratchy sandpaper cotton mouth feeling.
Man, I feel worse than shit, I feel like CATHOLE!!!
by Llama3 February 26, 2011
The path that a cat makes when digging through a mass of blankets.

Alternate usage as an expletive: You cathole!
Look! Phoebe made a cathole in my bed.
by badsmart March 07, 2007