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(Or Cath-a-bu, if you need to really drive this home)

adj. 1. A person having a religious background of Catholicism, and he/she/it has successfully overcome their Catholic guilt, through the study and practice of Buddhism 2. Of or relating to an archetypical mindset that does not loath Bible beaters 3. Of or related to having the balls to question their Catholic faith, for the greater good

n. A person or member of a group or subculture that understands what the hell I'm saying and agrees:)
Her cathabu ideologies were appreciated by her interfaith peers.
When the lady smiled, after being told by a preacher she was going to hell, cathabu became a cardinal virtue.
As a Cathabu, I cannot understand why Mary Magdalene is so frowned upon; however, I can proudly say Mary M . . . you're my girl!
by BuddharchistBaby December 25, 2013
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