When you fucking cum because you love cats so much.
"Chris loves LOLcats so much, the picture of the day gave him a catgasm!"
by Thrashin December 15, 2007
Top Definition
1. when a cat purrs incredibly loud
and starts to kneed stuff and
has big bug eyes and its nose
is extremely wet.

2. when a friend starts to kneed on
your stomach and purrs, imitating a cat.

other phrases: catgasmed, catgasmic, catgasming.
1. dude my cat catgasmed all over my bed last night.

2. yo stop catgasming on my stomach.
by anonymousangie March 03, 2009
Pleasure resulting from stimulation to a hair-covered part of the body, usually the head. Very common among cats (hence the name).
Person 1: "Ha ha, your cat's having a catgasm."

Person 2: "Um... That's a boy cat."

Person 1: "Oh..."
by MUZYK September 01, 2006
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