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1. when a cat purrs incredibly loud
and starts to kneed stuff and
has big bug eyes and its nose
is extremely wet.

2. when a friend starts to kneed on
your stomach and purrs, imitating a cat.

other phrases: catgasmed, catgasmic, catgasming.
1. dude my cat catgasmed all over my bed last night.

2. yo stop catgasming on my stomach.
by anonymousangie March 03, 2009
When you fucking cum because you love cats so much.
"Chris loves LOLcats so much, the picture of the day gave him a catgasm!"
by Thrashin December 15, 2007
Pleasure resulting from stimulation to a hair-covered part of the body, usually the head. Very common among cats (hence the name).
Person 1: "Ha ha, your cat's having a catgasm."

Person 2: "Um... That's a boy cat."

Person 1: "Oh..."
by MUZYK September 01, 2006
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