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Medival Occupation, A sheriff/tax collector's deputy, who, when citizens were unable to pay taxes, had their chickens taken away, using a catch-pole, thus the name.
The peasants lost their chickens to the catchpole.
by ChibiDan March 22, 2005
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Synonym of moron
Person 1: I need to go for a hair cut

Person 2: Do it yourself

Person 1: I'm not a catchpole
A Catchpole is a meaningless creature with a very low IQ. Catchpole mainly hunts his food, most notably the fish. You can find Catchpole at a few places. Carthagina lake (hunting), Lauren (entertaining) Gosling (being a general biatch). It is advised to stay away from the Catchpole incase of AIDS related Ginger Beard infections.
'Hey my catchpole got all wet'
by Doctorofdaterape May 20, 2009

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