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A derogatory term yelled by Andover Townies at Phillips Academy students. It indicates that you either are a cat's penis erected or that you "bone" cats.
Where is the Polo store, catboner!
by Rosta March 03, 2007
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Due to insecurity and some strange fear of procession of their town, Andover High kids yell this term out to Phillips Academy students. Phillips Academy kids find it pathetic, amusing, or just plain mean. They usually yell back things including "dog fucker" and "apply again next year!" This ongoing tension between the two schools is mostly under amusement and misunderstanding rather than true rivalry.
Dude did you here that? I they catbonered me five times when I walking back to my dorm!

by 8-O December 12, 2008
A cat boner is a cat boner.

The term "Cat Boner" can be used in any situation.

It is neither a noun, verb, adjective, preposition, etc.
It is it's own type of word that can be used at any time.

However Cat Boner is usually directed towards a fuckwad
Teacher- "Danny did you turn in your project."
Danny- "No"
Teacher- "I guess I'm going to have to rape you"
Danny- "Oh CAT BONER"

"Your mother has a voluptuous cat boner"

Boss- "The American stock report shows that we will lose 30% income during this fiscal year."
Worker-"I feel as though we can really turn this company around with a new CAT BONER"
2nd Worker- "True a new image would most likely CAT BONER, however we have little time and CAT BONER to fund the project"
Boss- "Stop all of this CAT BONER we must think proactively"
Worker- "CAT BONER CAT BONER CAT BONER the complexities of business ethics is something that we must not waste time disputing over... CAT BONER"

by Lucaaaaaaaasssssssssssss March 17, 2009
Piece of shit, prep school assholes. A name Andover High School students yell at Phillips Academy students. The act of "Catbonering" is practiced while driving along South Main Street in black jeeps and yelling "catboner" out the window at PA students.
"I catbonered the shit out of 3 catboners today!"
by retardedhound May 11, 2008

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