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A gay man, usually of the ultra-slender twink variety, that may enjoy dressing up seductively as a cat. He takes on the persona of a cat also as a sexual fantasy.
Suppose you see a really attractive, slender young gay guy with nothing but a speedo, tail, and ears, that would be a catboi.
by firetheflowing March 22, 2009
A young-ish homosexual male, who has lived in his mothers trailer for years, has many cats, has dramatic weight swings, is socially awkward and almost exclusively hangs out with straight/ bisexual girls. Thus, explaining why he is practically asexual.
(while at the club) " Oh My God... did you see that catboi wearing a Christmas sweater covered in cat hair that glowing under the black light.... poor lonely thing."

(in a formal setting) "is that your poor lonely catboi cousin? Damn, if i ever let my self go that bad will you just put me out of my misery?"
by theonewhoisnotknown November 27, 2009

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