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someone who is acting wimpy.
Yo mike wouldn't jump off the the high dive, dude had catballs
by swain April 12, 2005
A particular brand of basketball whereby very little attention is paid to teamwork, plays or general fundamentals and rules of the game. Typically played by five young black men who appear to unaware that there are four others on the court who are their teammates.
The Harvard cagers were able to defeat a superior group of athletes who played their brand of catball.
by Ralphie joe February 05, 2007
an expression of distaste or unhappiness similar to 'that sucks'
Bob: CAT BALLS! i forgot my homework on my desk today.
by ORGY.TIME November 14, 2010
Almost a mangina, you put your balls between your legs and turn around...and 'wham' you got some cat balls.
"Hey, wanna see some cat balls?"
by aimx February 09, 2007
when someone is coughing and seems to have something in their throat. Yes, it would normally be better to say "hairball" in this situation, but we are to cool to use the logical word so we mixed the words cat and hairball together to form catball.
Gosh grace do you have a catball or something!
by taygret December 01, 2004
A ball consisting of half cat and half ball. Hairs are pointing in all directions, and at most times the catball is rolling down stair. Catballs are cute, but sassy. Catballs refuse to wear bandanas.
Man, Crissy is being such a Catball. I totally popped my weener out and she just took a doo doo on my lap. I think its because of my bandana.
by Shmurfin February 06, 2010
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