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where rich people used to go when they died
i heard Enricophoalpha died yesterday
yeah they traded his house and wife for a spot in a catacomb
by 0scar November 18, 2006
9 6
An ebonics creation calling for much needed taming of the hair.
I saw Don King at a fight last night. Man, somebody needs to get dat catacomb!
by Your local brothas December 06, 2013
0 0
When a woman lets her furburger get a little out of hand, and she needs to mow her lawn
Dude, I was gonna hook up with cassie the other night but she really needed to give her catacomb!
by FatJesus46 April 22, 2011
4 4
Phrase used to point out someone who needs to fix their hair.
I saw Don King at a fight and said, "Someone needs to get that catacomb."
by BOZMAN93 June 20, 2007
8 8