A mild interjection suggesting disappointment.
Catshit! My draft number is 14...I'm either getting a Rhodes scholarship or wearing a dress to my induction physical in Little Rock.
by harry flashman July 09, 2003
Top Definition
1. The feces of a cat
2. food that tastes really nasty.
1. Eww...there's cat shit in my garden!
2. What the hell is this? Liver and onions? I'm not eating this cat shit!
by Mitsuneko January 12, 2008
a small shit, much like that of a cat's.
person 1: Man, I take like tiny shits.
person 2: Haha, you take like little cat shits.
by tyrotoxism August 14, 2010
A juvenile phrase screamed at the top of your lungs in a sporting environment when you are encouraging your team members to 'catch' the ball. Often used in gym period to get away with swearing.
Kyle: "Catshit! Mark! Catshit!!!"
Gym teacher: "What did you say?"
Kyle: "I'm telling Mark to catch the ball sir."
by redyakuza June 10, 2009
Another word used to give the same meaning as "bullshit"
Hunter: I just got laid while playing Black Ops!!
Colin: What?! That's catshit! I don't believe you.
by Shremco January 19, 2011
Used to indicate something good. Varies from food to weed.
Mike: Dude, you gonna eat that catshit?

R: U like that catshit dude?
by Diggadedank07 October 14, 2009
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