A person who has underdeveloped butt cheeks that do not touch together. So they just have a long tailbone that stops at the rectum. An appeatance similar to a frog standing up. Often accompanied by large feet and a predisposition to rub facial hair in a devious fashion.
Greg has such a serious cat butt that he can poop standing up and not have to wipe. What a jerk!
by dunkkin satchel January 21, 2010
Top Definition
1.The back end of a cat.
2.The gum flavor found at Metropolitan Delux.
1. That cats butt is in my face.
2. I found cat butt flavored gum.
3. You smell like cat butt.
by Ass Machine Teapot March 30, 2005
The disgusting wrinkly red skin that forms on someone's earlobe when they stretch their piercings too quickly and don't moisturize. The result is a cat butt-esque hole.
Boy: Dayum girl... did you see when Maria took out her plugs? She had some serious cat butt, could have used some Holey Butt'r.

Girl: I know, seriously... she stretches too fast and has huge blowouts too. We should submit her picture to awful mods.
by Ken Kennedy June 12, 2012
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