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1. What pretty much every doctor orders when they dont know what the hell is wrong with you.
2. The current replacement for physical examination.
3. The reason I will own a Ferarri one day. Also, see MRI.

Otherwise known as: CT Scan, CT, Computed Tomography
I have a headache so instead of trying to figure out why that might be, my doctor protected his ass legally by ordering a cat scan.
by Flight23 August 07, 2006
"Looking for Pussy!"
::At the Club::
Yeah man I'm gonna run a Cat Scan.
by Danny Cruz September 07, 2005
Looking for hot ladies at a bar or club
Hey man, get me a beer and gonna do a quick catscan. I see some hotties over there.
by ThunderAlley September 26, 2007
word for describing a scan of a cat
ppl put cats under a scanner, then scan it...
Look at ma Catscan! Woo its c00l eh?
by Zeepseep June 30, 2003
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