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amazing and beautiful girl from connecticut

only one exists in the world today
omgzz that hottie be cat dapurdy!!!!
by some milfordian April 14, 2005
1> a commonly used phrase used in conversation about "bangable" chicks

2>a set standard of required cuteness, intelegence and overall amazingness of a person.
dude 1:whoaaaa look at her

dude 2:cat dapurdyyyy

dude 1:huh?

dude 2:in other words "hott ass mutha fucka"

ex. 2

dude 1: i met this girl last night, shes cute, funny, sweet, and really hyper

dude 2: pffft i bet shes no cat dapurdy
by dave April 14, 2005
cat dapurdy:an amazingly beautiful and super kiddie from CT

derives from the term Catdapurdygurlfrommyspace
person:look at her, isnt she gorgeous, i need to bang herrr!

dave: i know dude thats fuckin cat dapurdy!
by some milfordian April 14, 2005