One of tha illest freestylers today. Got famous off of a battle with Freeway.Went to jail on 3 accounts of manslaughter and attempted murder. He got off and only got eight months. Now he on probation and everyone was expectin an album from him but he crashed and broke like every bone on the left side of his face. When his album drops is probably gonan go double platinum or something cauz he is one of the ilest lyricists out and now that he went to jail and is recoveering safely from a car crash.
Cassidy freestyle entitled Still On My Grind(thsi only soem of it)

Your just mad cauz I aint feelin your shit
Every song that Im on I be killing the shit
Your flow wack, I thow packs dealing them bricks
Im dealin with six fugures niggas still on teh strip
theres no celin when Im wheelin teh whip
Oh yeah you're girls ass was trash but im feeling her lips
The slut probably got my nut still on her lips
So much ice in my watch,im not feeling my wrist
I dont care if you clap or you fillin them clips
I put a slug in yo hat, gat still on my hip
You a thug in your raps why you pussy in real life
A piump on the mic but buy pussy in real life
by Jaye-B October 19, 2006
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only the raddest girl you will ever meet.
Cassidy is so fucking rad.
by cassidy is rad April 14, 2008
Someone amazing! This person is always happy, and can put smiles on everyones faces! this person may seem like a spazz, but is truly a good person. this person is bubbly and happy all the time. this is someone who many people love tremendously. This person should not be allowed to drink monster.
-Did you see that girl skipping across the room?
-Yeah, she's such a Cassidy
-I love her!
-Who doesn't?
by Clarinet girl November 28, 2009
A girl, whose parents were hippies and named her after a Grateful Dead song. But, it's okay her name is unusual, because she's the coolest person ever.
Mann, Cassidy is way cooler than Brian will ever be.
by mynameisnotcassidy March 01, 2009
Cassidy is a funny as hell person without even trying. They are kind of weird and crazy but that's why people love cassidy's. Cassidy's are loyal and get pissed off easily. Cassidy's are pretty but their amazing personality makes them more attractive. Cassidy's love to party and be around people. Cassidys have many friends. Cassidy's are secretive they never tell anyone who they have a crush on. Cassidy's have a flair for fashion and a skinny body to pull of the latest trends.
Person 1: Cassidy was funny as shit at that party last night man
Person 2:Wish I could have seen it
by sublimefan May 10, 2010
is a girl who makes a great best friend. You'll never forget them and they will make your day, everyday.
Adrianna: "Cassidy is my best friend."
Cassidy: "Yes, to infinity and beyond."
by Kaulitzed December 30, 2009
A person who typically enjoys laughing, playing sports/exercising, and getting the most out of each and every day. This person may have a lot of friends, but it doesn't really matter since they are an extremely great friend to each one. Although independent by nature, this person loves being in a group environment. Despite seeming shy at first, most people are attracted to their personality because there's a lot of positivity, humor, and good energy. This person is usually an 8 out of 10 in looks, but with their personality, they are catapulted into the 10 category pretty quickly. This is also a person who is very talented/gifted at many different things such as music, art, and dance.
Skydive instructor: "You've got to be a real Cassidy to jump out of a plane!"

Zookeeper: "Only the strongest of personalities, usually a Cassidy, can tame these beasts."

Astronaut: "Oh no! My oxygen is running low. If only there was a Cassidy around to save me!"

Plant Biologist: "This flower is one of the most unique specimens in the plant kingdom. It's like a Cassidy."
by papalexopolous February 03, 2010
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