funniest girl in the world. not stuck up. knows who her friends are. cant function without music. usually loves anchorman. always knows what's up and where its at! beautiful. has a different hair color every time you see her. she would do anything to get what she wants. she will have a conversation with anyone, even if its your pizza delivery guy. usually with long hair. and loves to party!!
guy 1: how about that CASSIDY girl?
guy 2: ohhh CASSIDY! i was talking to her the other day!!
guy 1: how'd that go?
guy 2: AMAZING! she's the funniest girl i've ever met!
by duuggaan June 25, 2011
Absolutely amazing!
Ever wondered what it'd feel like to wake up one morning and know that you're the shit? Well if your name is Cassidy, you don't have to! You've already begun in your journey of awesomeness, and you'll only go further!
by Bagelboy615 January 11, 2012
cassidy is a hot loveing person inside and out
I fell in love with Cassidy
by higllbottom January 07, 2012
An amazingly beautiful person on the inside and out. She is gorgeous and often turns heads. She has a beautful smile. Not only is she good looking, she is very smart and is usually the top in her class. She can make people smile and laugh if they are feeling down and they are always truthful but never hurt peoples feelings. They have big hearts and try to make the best of every day and they work hard, getting easily annoyed by those who complain and whine about a task they are supposed to do.
"I feel really sad today."
"Let me go get Cassidy, she is so good looking, smart and funny she will definately cheer you up!"
by Myself97 November 28, 2011
A hot girl that has a great personality
I fell in love with cassidy
by dddsssdddsss January 07, 2012
A super gorgeous girl who friggin' makes every guy drool. Usually short and curvy. Super funny and occasionally pervy. Usually has guys as her bffs.
Girl: OMG! Have you seen Cassidy?She is soooo gorg! I wish i had her figure!

Guy: I'd hit that
by CassidysBFF March 05, 2012
Cassidy is only the raddest girl you will ever meet. Cassidy is always happy, and can put smiles on everyones faces! Cassidy may seem like krazy kid but is truly a good person. She is absolutley gorgeous, but will never addmitt to it. Cassidy's are most of the time blondes with amazing blue eyes. Cassidy's are short, and have the most amazin ASS!!! Cassidy is so fucking funny, and things never feel right when shes not around. Cassidy is a person that even if somone pisses her off, she just laughs at them, and goes on with her day! Cassidy is also an amazing girlfriend, people may not know that but she just needs the right guy to show it. Cassidys are terrible at sports like softball and soccer, but are amazing dancers and singers. Cassidy always does the most random things, but thats what make her so fucking amazing!!!
Casssssssiddddy is cassidy
by kittykitkat November 23, 2013

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