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This is the story that many are in to. The pain of love, the bad pay back of your love, and you just simply can't talk about something else, you try it, though you don't make it, there is no effort enough to put you off of that unique thougth, you just can go forward and rewind around the same talk.
friend healthy 1: At job I have lots to do, I thougth maybe we can work together.
Friend sick 2: Peter must konw that I am a good person, that I can work even without him.
Friend 1: then, you see it there!! Let's think about what we can do with the new image of the office...
Friend 2: though maybe I should call him and tell him I already have a job
Friend 1: ok, so let's think about it
Friend 2: I'm thinking, all the time!!! Peter, bad Peter, very mean Peter
friend 1:No, no, stop your cassette 54 and let's think about anything no Peter
Friend2: like living without Peter?
by LaPior April 20, 2011

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