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Nasty shit white people eat for dinner.
"Well Jimmy looks like were gonna have Mom's green bean casserole again!"
by Amina June 14, 2006
60 54
a word that can used in place of "asshole" when a film airs on basic cable, especially when "Pineapple Express" airs on FX.


just a fun, playful alternative to calling somebody an asshole.
Dale: "You are a casserole. That's all you are - you're a casserole."

Saul: "I'm not a casserole! You know what, I, I feel pretty sure that I'm not a casserole. I'm like a totally nice guy!"
by Master Black Francis Bacon September 04, 2012
36 3
The signature 'sympathy dish' people bring to your house when your life is crappy and they feel sorry for you
You: Man, I feel like shit. I just got dumped via text message, my car crashed into a tree, I'm pregnant and my dog ran away

Your friend/neighbor: Knock knock! I've brought you a casserole!
by failhouse October 14, 2011
30 7
n. a person whos body parts don't fit him/her giving the effect that he or she cut body parts off of another human being and sewed them onto him or herself
(In reference to a guy with short legs) Look at that guys legs...he's a casserole.
by A. Wright November 18, 2006
41 39
The excessive amount of jism resulting from having multiple men ejaculate inside a woman.
I was out with these 5 guys last night, and when I woke up this morning there was a casserole oozing from my vagina.
by doey2 June 04, 2011
9 8
When one person takes a shit on top of a previously unflushed shit, a casserole ensues.
"Dude, don't flush when you're finished in there, let's get a casserole goin'."
by kdogg85 November 13, 2008
19 24
A reddened, sensitive taint (perineum, esp. of a male) after a clamp or clip has been affixed to it for a period of time.
Whoa, Dave's session with Mistress Pain must have been rough--did you get a look at his casserole?
by Show Me A Chicken August 17, 2010
3 10