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1. an infamous train conductor who pushed the limits of speed and rounded a bend only to ram another train head-on
2. one who drives erratically
3. a famous Grateful Dead song
Did you see Casey Jones there barrelling down the road in that borracho helmet?
by JimbAround June 23, 2005
The hockey-masked vigilante from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In volume one of the Mirage Studios TMNT comic books he became a vigilante due to watchin' too many cheesey vigilante cop shows. His first appearence was Raphael #1. He uses sports equipment as weapons. He carries his weapons in a golf bag. The weapons that he carries in his golf bag are: two baseball bats, a hockey stick, a golf club, and sometimes a cricket bat.
Casey Jones: Look out, scum of New York--Casey Jones rules!
by James Grimmer August 18, 2005
A very potent new strain of marijuana almost exclusivally sold in Indianapolis and local Indiana regions at the moment. Made from a combination of the Trainwreck and Purple Haze strains.
Yo man lets hit some of that Casey Jones! Choo Choo!
by Captain Awesome the Great June 16, 2010
A straight edge band.
Casey Jones is a hardcore-esq band that claims edge (no drugs, no alcohol, no casual fucking)
by HngtheHero May 14, 2006
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