what you name your kid if you dont know if its a boy or a girl.
The mother didnt know if her child was a girl or a boy so she named it casey.
by Goodca October 07, 2006
An extremely annoying little girl with a hot sister that she's jealous of. She is also related to Fox McCloud, but didn't know it until some stud-muffin, beast of a man explained it to her.
Casey, annoying, retard, all-around loser
by hotdog22 October 14, 2009
casey: is the hotest girl i will ever know and i love her so much but im an idiot and i mess everything up casey I LOVE YOU!
omg have u seen casey today?
by Nathan Burum May 24, 2008
One who has spicilicious hair.

Candy: OMFG have you seen casey today? His hair is flippin spicilicious!
Me: <_< -slowly backs away from Candy-
by Koober February 05, 2009
a girl that when she gets horny will pop out a huge hairy dick
wow that casey is intense

yeah i know right!
by pdoublek June 19, 2009
A girl who is a huge pushover. She tries to act tough, but this is only to hide her insecure interior.
Casey: Tell me what to do. I am at your command.
by FDEREA May 12, 2009
Purposely leaving a turd in the toilet for others to see.
"Oh my look at that logger!"
"He totally pulled a casey."
by Singapore Kinga November 03, 2008

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