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The prettiest redhead in all of New York. She has beautiful green eyes, a smokin' hot body. a nice ass. big boobs. She has amazing legs. a tight stomach. Shes fucking perfect !
"Look at Casey from New York, fuck shes hot !!"
by yoursohotyourgonnapop February 04, 2010
35 401
1. The most amazing, fantastic, exquisite, EPIC girl in the world.
2. Like no other girl you will ever meet.
Person: I spy, with my little eye... something EPIC and lovable.
Nateness: Casey!!!!
by sxenateness December 22, 2008
432 813
casey Doesnt talk much
by suzzil February 02, 2010
47 465
a very pretty, extemely hot, and smart girl, usually brunette that has fun all the time
Woah who is that girl?
I dont know, but her name should be Casey
by Shuppppp February 27, 2009
279 740
an emo whore who likes to lie about going out with guys. She loves to go out with her ex-boyfriends little brothers. She will pity guys and go out with them even though she doesnt like them then tell them she never liked them 4 mounths later. She claims that guys go into her house at night and they fuck.
Whos that bitch? Casey
by casey irwin January 23, 2010
42 526
the most amazing and hottest girl in the world
she is just like casey
by ifeedmyturtle May 17, 2009
145 636
what you name your kid if you dont know if its a boy or a girl.
The mother didnt know if her child was a girl or a boy so she named it casey.
by Goodca October 07, 2006
876 1381