Confident outgoing girl who always looks on the bright side of thing. Casey loves meeting new people and is very friendly. She is very trust worthy and can be trusted with any secret. She is cute and carries herself well. You should be honoured to meet such a well rounded girl.
Oh that's Casey, you should deffiantly meet her
by Teenage Dreamer September 16, 2010
the most amazing guy in the world. sweeping you off your feet, but still keeping you on your toes. makes you smile whether you want to or not. In time you'll fall for him, and in his own little way he'll catch you.... lay on your chest listening to your heart and he will love you more every beat.
I love you casey. kilo.romeo.india.sierra.tango.india.november.
by kilo.hotel March 15, 2010
Very charming, kind hearted, will put the ones he love before him self.

Will do anything for that special girl, makes her dinner and walks it to her work and then enjoys it with her.
When he ask her to marry him he goes big, rents a extravagant hotel room on new years even tells her to go to the bathroom because he's geing the hot tub ready for her when she comes out hes in a suit and gets down on one knee.
Casey=Prince Charming
by Lil_Miss_Bella_xox February 04, 2010
Casey is an amazing husband and father that always puts other before himself. He is kind hearted and loving. He is honest and treats other with respect. He is a born leader by nature. His passion other than family is fire, he lives for the opportunity to be among the raging beast, he has respect for it as well. And would do well to make a career out of a fireman.
Casey is a loving husband and father, i wish i had a casey!
by loving persn February 05, 2010
The perfect friend, for anyone to have. Not afraid to stand out, and be him/herself.
That Casey person is the greatest friend ever!
by Ann Martinez June 27, 2012
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