A 25-cent piece. NOT a combination of coins equaling 25 cents.
An in-law family member asked if anyone had any 'case quarters,' as he wanted to go to a do-it yourself car wash where the machine would accept only 25-cent pieces. That family has been in the Alexandria, Virginia area since 1763.
by Jim Slora June 11, 2007
A Black American dialectal term for a twenty-five cent piece. Still in current use in isolated areas: attested often in Middle Georgia.
"Yo gotta case quarter I can borraw?"
by Brighid N May 10, 2003
In the old days people used dollar coins. Some times they would cut them into 4 parts. (2 bits 4 bits). If someone wanted a dollar coin that was not in pieces, they would say "case dollar".This got refreshed several years ago. When some one walks up to you and they say, "Yo, you gots a case quarter?" most of the time they will have 2 dimes and 1 nickle.
A kid walks up to the person working in an arcade and ask "Yo, you gots a case quarter?" They need a quarter to put into a token machine so they can play a game.
by The game room guy July 25, 2004
A single American coin made of silver amounting to 25 cents or a quarter of a dollar.

A quarter is often incorrectly used to describe 25 cents whether it is 5 nickles, two dimes and a nickel or twenty five pennies.

A case quarter designates 25 cents as that which is manufactured as a single coin or a case.
Yo shorty.....somebody jus' hit me on my pager!.....You got a case - quarter for two dimes and a nick?
by PGRWD June 16, 2003

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