Carson, California

A city with no pity ;
- MAIN POPULATION; Filipinos, any other typpa Asian, Samoans, Mexicans, Niggahs.
- Overlooked because; it's right next to Los Angeles, Long Beach, Torrance, and other high-end places .
- YOU KNOW YOU'RE THERE; when you see Filipinos walking the streets with their saggy ass pants and hypebeasty clothes. When most of the people are under 5' feet. When you see guys wearing lanyards with a shit load of keys and think, where the hell do those lead to?
- YOU KNOW YOU LIVE THERE; if you went to Carson St. Elementary, Catskill, Stephen White, Caroldale, CHS, Van Deene, Meyler, Carnegie. if you wear clothes from LODED. if you're simply a chill ass niggah enjoying life. if you have a tumblr/myspace/twitter that reps. If Del Amo is the G-Spot of your weekends. If Urban Outfitters / Forever 21 / H&M are practically where you live. If you listen to AJ Rafael, Andrew Garcia, Cathy Nguyen, Traphik. If you love Nike SB's or Nikes in general. If you chill at Calas, Veterans, Carson Park, or Dolphin. If you've ever swam at Scott / Carson / Dominguez pool. If you've walked to Jollibo and Seafood city after school. If you've ever been to Filipino Independence day. If you know where to get some good ass weed. If the parties are fkcn hyphy.
This city is ignored, but it's the fucking shit.
People from ghetto- ass neighborhoods think we rake it in, but we're just sicker than your average.
Person 1: Ayeee, where's yo crib posted, hawmie?
Person 2: Compton. You?
Person 1: Carson, dawg.
Person 2: Maan, people there are loaded.

Person 1: Suup dog.

Person 2: Man, I live in Torrance. Carson is the fkcn ghetto.
by CRSNTOO$TRONG April 23, 2010
Top Definition
Name given to someone that is the Pimp Hand of God.
I am the mother fucken Carson.
by VMFA225 May 14, 2008
A boy who's charming, cute, lovely, and adorable. He charms you with every word that comes out of his mouth. He will love you till the end of time no matter what. He is the greatest boyfriend in the world and every girl that passes him up is missing out on something and someone amazing.
Person A: "Awe I love my boyfriend so much! He is sch a Carson!"

Person B: "Aweee! You are so lucky! I wish a had a boyfriend who was like a Carson!"
by His Girlfriend <3 September 24, 2009
quite possibly one of the chillest people you'll ever meet. easy to be friends with, level headed, sweet, fun to be around, and too legit to quit. if you ever get the privilege of meeting a Carson get to know them
Carson is the coolest, ever
by MEHkldfjakdslfjla;ksdjf;lkasdj October 20, 2010
he is everything you would want. he has some flaws but the good out weights the bad. he is charming and loving but can be a dick at times. he has a great personality and is great with women. you would be lucky for a carson to be in your life.
whats the name of the great guy i met the other week, oh! you are talkin about carson.
by jettsfool February 05, 2010
Generally a kickass name for a girl. Carson's are absolutely beautiful. Everything they do is absolutely adorable. They mess up sometimes, but it's cute when they do. They're also popular, and naturally have the most beautiful eyes ever. Also, one of the smartest people you will ever meet. They're strong in all subjects, especially Science. Every girl envys a Carson. And all guys want a Carson. They are amazing girlfriends. And amazing friends. They will never leave your side. They aren't afraid to stick up for people, especially loved ones. If a Carson sees you getting picked on, even if she doesn't know you, she will defend you. A girl like this can keep you entertained for hours. Once you meet or see a Carson, she'll never leave your mind. She will leave a footprint on your heart. She is very funny, and loves to joke around. She loves to laugh. And while at it, has a very, very adorable laugh. She is shy at first, and will keep to themselves. But, once you become her friend, she is very outgoing. Athletic, but not overly athletic. All guys are jealous of her boyfriends/ best friends. They wish they were them. Not all guys will admit it, because they are shy. But, every guy who has known a Carson well, has liked them at least once.
Guy; "Man, look at that beautiful girl over there. She looks amazing. I want to talk to her."
Guy 2;" You'll have some competition, that's a Carson."
Guy;" Wow! A Carson would never go for a guy like me."
Guy 2;" Don't be so negative, Carson is a very outgoing, funny, nice, accepting girl. She'll definitely accept you as a friend."
by CoolKid76492 October 01, 2011
An amazing guy with blue eyes. He is nice, sweet, funny, and really hot. He lies sometimes, but all of his qualities makes the bad things about him go away.
Jessica: "I met a guy today, and he was such a carson!"
Kelly: "Your so lucky!"
by Sunnshinne January 08, 2011
Jedi pimp and with lots of money and is pwnagely awsome
hot chick "your such a carson" "awsome person(((drinks beer and says i know ;)"
by random awsome submitterz August 28, 2010
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