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Noun: human or animal rectum utilized as a temporary receptacle for the concealed transportation of contraband or illegal items through a zone or period of inspection for such items, most especially at international airports and during international flights.
"Gary really had to keep it undercover for like 6 hours, but his carry on bag didn't let the band down."
#ass #asspack #buttpack #junkyard #derriere
by Speedog 2 November 12, 2010
The act of pulling the condom over the testicles as well as the penis in order to enhance sexual pleasure or just for warmth. Some swimmers have also been known to use the carry on bag technique for better hydrodynamic movement.
Michael Phelps broke the world record again! but you could definitely tell he carry on bagged the shit outta that race.
Dude i heard jay brought a carry on bag while he was fuckin michelle and she loved it!
#speedbag #condom #dick warmth #sex #sexual technique #pleasure #swimming #carry-on bag
by bifold champion January 29, 2011
Airliner lingo for someone who is pregnant or who has a baby.
Boy, dont mess with her, she's got a carry on!
by mabelmundane July 18, 2005
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