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4 definitions by mabelmundane

An orgasm achieved while looking at, listening to, smelling, touching, or tasting David Bowie.
Whenever I watch "The Man Who Fell to Earth" I have multiple Bowiegasms.
by mabelmundane March 27, 2004
71 13
Airliner lingo for someone who is pregnant or who has a baby.
Boy, dont mess with her, she's got a carry on!
by mabelmundane July 18, 2005
3 12
Airliner lingo for having a bad hair day.
Girl, my hair just went down on mechanical!
by mabelmundane July 18, 2005
9 21
Airliner lingo for someone with children.
Girl, dont mess with him, he's got checked baggage!
by mabelmundane July 18, 2005
25 49