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The wrong way to describe "mass carriers" strategy in the game Starcraft.
"Rush" is the term used in SC slang to describe an early attack. Because a rush is often made with units of the same type, any strategy involving units of the same type (even if not early attack) is often mistaken as "rush".
To build carriers you have to tech quite a bit, and a single carrier takes much to be produced. Hence, you cannot "rush" with carriers.
by Sarah Kerrigan October 06, 2004
Originally a popular n00b strategy used in the popular videogame StarCaft. Involves building massive amounts of the most powerful units (a Carrier), then rushing at the opponent suicidally.

Now used to describe any n00b tactics, or when someone completes a task by swarming the enemy. See zerg.
1337 haxor: I'm winning, n00b. What now?

n00b: Uh... erm... CARRIER RUSH!

1337 haxor: Oh noes! I've been pwned by a fucking n00b! ;-;
by Meep-Man April 27, 2004
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