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INSTANT WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hell yeah...instant win.

Mass carriers 4 life!
Star Craft will beat Halo because mass carriers = instant win!!
by Mass carriers May 03, 2004
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A Carrier is arguably the most powerful unit in the game StarCraft. With enough of them, you can kill God.
Mass Carriers = Instant Win!
by KPT February 23, 2004
An amusing internet fad. Carriers being a type of unit from Starcraft, it is said that having a large group of them, or a 'mass', will allow the player controlling them to win easily.
Mass Carriers = Instant Win
by Truec February 05, 2005
Tactic used in the game Starcraft by players who find fun only in "money maps", that is maps where each player has nearly unlimited resources and competition is consequentially at ridiculously low levels.
Protoss are teh best cuz they do mass carriers.
by Sarah Kerrigan October 04, 2004
The instant win. Cannot be owned. Beats everything.
Oh Damn! Mass Carriers just PWNED my ass!
by * November 29, 2004
The most popular "character" on Board 8. Hated by CJAYC].
Mass Carriers were on more than 90% of nomination forms but was not included because CJayC felt it wasn't a character.
by SuperLuigiBros December 29, 2004

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