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describes a numb and tingling sensation around your head.

Has also been described as if a horn is coming out of your forehead.

Can also feel like you are wearing a helmet or a tingling body suit
Don't be such a carpet head!
by intrigued1 March 11, 2010
n. A slang term for an African Amercian. The word is derived from the typical feature of blacks which have kinky hair.
Look at that carpethead nigger!
by niggamac July 06, 2006
Man with a Carpet on his head.
Gets Excited to the sound of subwoofer, usually making a mess in his pants.
Willing to kill for subs.
Thinks Subs are gods gift to Earth.
King of Subs.
Shits on fellow Subjizzers.
Died and Resurrected himself when one of his Sony XPloded LOL.
Gets Rode on Daily by aDi21cArDs1 and the Mopman.
Has 3 Diss Tracks about him.
Im Sorry but You Cant Audio Battle the Carpethead if you have his leftovers, Subjizzer.
by aDi21cArDs1 October 28, 2009
A cunt that wears a toupee
- Oi where's carpethead... That hair ain't real m8

- He's a bloody Carpethead
by Pinga's November 02, 2015
A rab indian who is a straight shiest. They are often found in packs in 7-11's, thrift stores, and dunkin doughnuts.
Clerk: Here is your vanilla ice cone.

Me: I asked for chocolate you Carpet Head.
by Realtalkfromthechi March 06, 2013
another name for a niggers nappy ass hair
I was eating a taco when a carpethead asked me for some change for the fucking nigger hauler (the bus)
by DAN May 21, 2004
people who prance around with towels on their damn heads sayin shit we cant understand and fucking strap shit to themselves en blow innocent people up fuck em get the fuck out our country u carpet head mother fuckers that dont know shit
stupid fucks
by kyle January 17, 2004
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