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Carlisa= a girl's name is a variant of Carla (Old German), and the meaning of Carlisa is "free man".

Carlisa is an ugly bitch. You do not get on the wrong side of a Carlisa. They can be mean at times, sometimes even bullies, but you'll find that they have at least 3 friends who suck up to them. Carlisa's often have big noses and wild hair.

However, Carlisa's have amazing voices and their lives revolve around their humongous families.

Chances of love for a Carlisa arent that high, but if they were nicer and less bitchy towards people, love in the future would be less impossible.
Guy 1: "Where's that amazing singing coming from?"
Guy 2: "Oh its Carlisa. She has an amazing voice but you dont want to get on the wrong side of her."
Guy 3: "I hardly see her nowadays anyway. Shes always visiting her parents."
by The Urban Dictionary Team October 26, 2013

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