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1) originally used to describe when someone coughs and a little barf comes up.
2) can also be used as a synonym for "cool".
1)"damn I was laughing so hard I carfed."
2) "your shirt is so carf!"
by Erica, Sean, Emm, Evang January 10, 2006
24 4
When you cough so much that you barf.
She was coughing so much after she smoked that she carfed!
by ericalynneykins November 14, 2006
10 2
The equivalent of "nomnomnom... etc" but specifically for crunchy food, such as macho nachos.
Ronni scared down a Nigeria-sized helping of macho nachos with extra beef like CARFCARFCARFCARFCARF.
by Slim Joe Jenkins July 18, 2011
1 0
the act of wearing a scarf
Kid at Party: Yo, you see Difed and that scarf
Me: Yeah dude, that kid carfs all over the place
by Absolute Specimen February 07, 2011
1 0
When you start coughing so hard you cant stop and you end up barfing.
When I had a cold, I got an itch in my throat that made me carf.
by KillaKay Ninja November 09, 2010
3 2
when a person coughs and farts simultaneously.
when joe was coughing up a hacker, he also farted.
jan started laughing and said did you just carf?
by crazies November 13, 2009
1 4
cough and fart at the sametime
he that lady just carfed
by srt4bill July 10, 2008
2 8