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1) An erroneous form of "carefully," meaning attentively, often found in PDFs and research journals.

2) An anomalous translation of the word "carefully," meaning painstakingly, by differing software, so as to create a new form of the word.

3) a high-brow form of carefully
1) "The flow characteristics of the system need to be carefidly examined so that appropriate assumptions may be made."
2) "The components of this program were carefidly established in accordance with the research literature."
3) "If we add, rename, or delete a file from the module managed by B, then make-file A has to be modified carefidly."

Synonyms: Carefully, painstakingly, attentively
Antonyms: Carelessly, sloppily, mindlessly
by 1Redhead August 16, 2009
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