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A small metal container,usually placed in rows on a field of grass.Usually full of working class alcoholics with nightmare children.
We are going on holiday to skegness in a caravan
by Rachel April 15, 2004
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1) A small, reliable airplane manufactured by Cessna capable of takeoff and landing in very small areas. High load capacity. Popular with FedEx pilots and drug dealers. Can be equipped for both freight or luxury.

2) A large, unreliable minivan manufactured by Dodge capable of infecting every driveway in a white suburban neighborhood. High load capacity. Popular with soccermoms and drug dealers. Equipped for both freight and luxury.
1) "My Caravan has fifty cupholders."

2) "My Caravan has fifty cupholders."
by Asshole October 06, 2003
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A massive minivan vehicle which will block the road infront of you. Driven by soccer moms with an obesity problem, they'll always obey the speed limit to be 'safe for the community', but would gladly blow a stop sign if it meant being infront of all the oncoming traffic.
I was driving down the road at 40 trying to get to work when the Dodge Caravan came out of a side street like a maniac, came in front of me, then promptly slowed to 25.
by Cheat August 29, 2004
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Similar to the shocker, but rather than putting 2 in the pink and 1 in the stink. You put 2 in the front and 5 in the back. Similar to a caravan.
My girlfriend is soooo loose she just doesn't get off to the shocker, so i now have to caravan her.
by Josh Giancola August 17, 2007
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A metaphor for an over-obsessive male: constantly trails you, always attached, uses up more fuel than it's worth.
alex:are you off with me lol x wanna hang out tonight xxx
clare:i'm busy tonight
alex: lol lol
clare: why say lol if it's not funny
tom:baby i love you more than christians love god
tom: wanna have baby harvey?

clare + claire:HOLY SHIT they've gone ultimate caravan home on us
by barry and eric March 03, 2008
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1- fuck, a caravan just rolled by
2- close call
by Charlie Murphy plus the other September 25, 2010
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That was caravan!, it was perfect - Edguy Lead Singer (The Headless Game Live)
by EggyStoner June 05, 2005
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