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A line of automobiles, either on the highway or a large main street, which consists of a long stretch of automobiles which are usually tailgating each other. It is very hard to switch into this lane until you let the car line pass, or you manage to get up in front of the float which is causing it.
My exit on the highway was to the left, but a car line had formed in the left lane. This was going to be tough.
by The Sub February 25, 2005
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1. a little wacky person that gives monkey knuckles
2. loves to brush hair lonesomely
3. has skills in no respect
4. a myterious specie of some sort
5. often occurs fourth on the periodic table
6. clever at pokemon battles
7. silence is her signature move
"yo Carline!"
"what? * glare .. pushes up glasses* "
"wanna sleep with me tonight?"
"OKAY ! =)"

carline:* PUNCH *
somebody: ... * faints *
carline: " I GOT THE POWER (8)"

"hey carline, how have u been?"
" ...... " *dont talk to me she thinks*

carline:"I'm fourth in line for rice."

carline:"I LIKE SPICY NOODLES...DONT TOUCHEM.. *monkey knuckle*"
by sex-me January 18, 2009
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