A person who is either a complete piece of shit or an outstanding person. Whenever a customer walks on the lot, he or she (or they) could be working with the biggest idiot on the planet, simply because most car dealerships will hire anyone. Most dealerships will hire the fattest, dumbest piece of shit on the planet and give he or she the privilege of moving cars on the lot, much less go on test drives with potential buyers
customer: are we dealing a person who knows what he is doing?
customer spouse: i don't care. i hate you and i hate life.
car salesman: as much as i don't give a shit about your shitty love life, did you know this car comes with airbags?

by Shareeb4Prez February 26, 2008
Top Definition
One of the shiftiest occupations a someone can take. Car salesman earn commision from whatever they sell and will lure, lie, mislead, con, deceive people into buying a car. This is especially true when it comes to used cars.
A car salesman ranks 9.5/10 on the shifty scale along with the real estate agents, politicians and professional con men.
by Skyboy September 08, 2005
the art of selling cars
if you got conned or lied to or swindeled then you are a stupid fuck for signing to buy the car last i looked salesman dont carry guns you stupid fuckers out there dont knock the car salesman for giving you a bad deal last time you bought a car. you signed for it asshole
by jeff1978 August 03, 2006
A slang term used to refer to liberals or democrats.
Look at all these car salesmen getting ready for Shillary to cuck their country away.
by JohnMcM3435 September 24, 2016
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