(n:) a raging hard on from looking at super fucking sexy car.
example: 2010 Corvette ZR1 or

1958 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham

(if you like'em old, you know what i'm talk'n bout)
Holy Shit! I got a massive car boner from that 68 Camaro SS. I'm gonna fuck the tailpipe on that beautiful fucking car.
by Niko the Jew December 29, 2011
Top Definition
An erection caused by the vibrations of a car usually occuring on long car rides, and lame scenery which sometimes causes the mind to wander and think about said vibrations.
"My gosh honey! I didn't know you were in the mood."

"I'm not, it's just a damn car boner. It'll go away in a minute."
by Cinde April 11, 2006
When the vibrations of a car, train or plane journey cause you to get a hard on. also for further amusement - sometimes sexual, one can tightlypres the area around giving it a firm clear outline of the boner, this is then called a "Car Boner Hand Print" derived from carbon footprint.
"Dude, put that Car boner away, you're making me ill!" "Woh vibrations are getting to the lower quater, think i got a car boner coming on" "Brookes Mathews made a major car boner hand print the other day, soo clear but soo small" "Brighton + Lifton = a journey full of car boners"
by Forest Kin January 23, 2008
1. a sexual pose wherein said Carbone will lie flat out on his back with both arms behind his head whilst sporting massive wood concealed only by a thin layer of red silk garment spread across the pubic area

2. The act of being Carboned
ie. "Man, did that swampdonkey get Carboned or what?"

"I pulled the Carboner out on Hilary last night and she loved it."
by Eric Adams November 08, 2008
1) An erection received by hitting a speed bump in a car, which shoots a jolt of force to the crotch, causing the erection.
I had to wait a minute before getting out of my girlfriend's car because I had a carboner.
by OLOKING October 11, 2006
Getting sexually excited from viewing beautiful cars
Gustavo caught a car boner from that Mercedes-Benz
by YoungMoneyGstack$ November 03, 2011
An erection caused by an exotic or expensive car.
Hey Mitch, did you see that Bugatti Veyron?" "Hell yeah, it gave me a carboner!
by hughjeffincok January 23, 2011
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