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after sex finding pubic hair stuck to the sides and base of your penis head that looks like the back of captain stubings head from the love boat
She had so much pubic hair when I pulled it out I thought I was staring at Captain Stubing on the bridge of the love boat
by jesse February 13, 2005
Tea bagging with shaved balls.
Your shaved balls rubbing all over my face, now that's a captain stubing!
by Big Time Jimmy January 13, 2007
v. captain stubed, captain stub·ing, captain stu

To pierce or wound ones ego with or as if with a pointed weapon.

1. To plunge (a pointed tongue or instrument) into someone.
2. To verbally make a thrusting or poking motion.
"Man, he captain stubed that girl with his tongue."
by Derek December 06, 2003
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