Top Definition
Nocturnal emissions (unprovoked ejaculation while sleepin)
He hadn't had action in so long, captain midnight started to visit.
by joedildo November 03, 2005
To have a wet dream.
He had gone so long without getting any, Captain Midnight had to pay him a visit.
by tank03 August 26, 2009
Mory Fadiga.

also see Rashad White
Yo' Mory smile so i can see u...thanks captain midnight!!
by patrick flame November 03, 2004
a black guy in the dark. he/she cannot be seen, but he/she is always there! x.X
ayo there was so many captain midnights all around me!
by wewt wewt March 12, 2003
Person not seen at night, aka Mohammed
Watch out its Captain Midnight
by spic whipper aka Ur Dad March 12, 2003
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