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Nocturnal emissions (unprovoked ejaculation while sleepin)
He hadn't had action in so long, captain midnight started to visit.
by joedildo November 03, 2005
13 5
To have a wet dream.
He had gone so long without getting any, Captain Midnight had to pay him a visit.
by tank03 August 26, 2009
6 2
Mory Fadiga.

also see Rashad White
Yo' Mory smile so i can see u...thanks captain midnight!!
by patrick flame November 03, 2004
8 11
a black guy in the dark. he/she cannot be seen, but he/she is always there! x.X
ayo there was so many captain midnights all around me!
by wewt wewt March 12, 2003
4 9
Person not seen at night, aka Mohammed
Watch out its Captain Midnight
by spic whipper aka Ur Dad March 12, 2003
3 11