Croatian meaning only
cap 'tzap' - multifunctional word used in all imaginable situations to express agreement, excitement, satisfaction of oneself or surprise. Invented & first used by former Croatian rapper, now a mental patient, Target.
"Cap jebote."
"Yo, that girl be hot. Cap."
"Long time no see, cap cap."
by bijeli decko aka white boi November 03, 2007
In Cleveland, 9 times out of ten it means to lie, front or bullshit. In noun form, a liar, or bullshitter.
Girl 1: I went to the mall and this dude gave me a discount on my Forces cuz I told him he was cute.

Girl 2: You cappin'!

- - - - - - - - -

Boy 1: Last Saturday, I got pussy from 3 different girls.

Boy 2: Man, youse a cap.
by AUTOPSY January 10, 2007
Cuban American Princess. nuff' said.
"Bro, ju gonna meet her parents pero she aint finna give up shit cause that bitch cause she's a C. A. P. , yo."
by Negrito DelaMama August 26, 2006
the slang word for bullet
I'm gon' bust a cap up your ass bitch
by bitch February 14, 2005
1)Urban slang term for bullet or slug, originating from the noisy but harmless caps used with a child's cap-gun
2) See JAP, substitute "jewish" for "christian"
Japs call some christians CAPs, but JAPS are more annoying!
by Liz January 05, 2004
buying drugs
havent capped in a while
by dude love November 06, 2003
As in: Create-A-Park from the video game series: Tony Hawk's ProSkater.
That Cap is l33t! wOOt!!
by Dodeman July 10, 2003

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