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Slang term for a canadian, a canadian hocky team,
You live in Canada, so you must be a canuck, Vancover canucks
by tenchu November 12, 2003
317 134
Best hockey team ever!!
The Canucks got The Cup in the fucking bank!
by Blue-J May 17, 2006
251 162
1. a term used for canadian, simular of that Yankee is for Americans
2. A hockey team in Vancity BC with a hot coach (Marc Crawford)
also see cafucks casucks
1. Damn canucks coming south for the winter!
2. Marc Crawford, coach of the canucks, has a huge cock
by coca October 30, 2003
136 65
1. Slang term for Canadian

2. Lumberjack/Woodsman

3. Member or fan of the Vancouver Canucks NHL team.
1. "Those Canucks visited from north of the border"

2. "People think all Canadians are lumberjacks, which isn't true. A lot of us play hockey instead."

3. "The Canucks had a great season, but lost to the Bruins in the cup final."
by Jquiet November 06, 2011
62 9
A small, hairless penguin, found in south western Canada. Canucks have long been known as the Canadian Chupacabra.
A rat with wings is the best way to describe a Canuck.
by Skinner123 June 02, 2011
11 17
Beaver, water-dwelling mammal. Not to be confused with canadian slang term.
The river flooded. Those hairy canucks were at it again making a dam.
by MontrealLover9876 June 24, 2011
14 34
Canucks, a very very very good NHL team
Vancouver Canucks
by iw February 19, 2004
223 339