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A soda or beer can substituted (usually by people with low moral values, lower standards, and depleted bank accounts) for an ashtray. Due to their low I.Q., altered consciousness, lack of coordination and/or the above-ground gene pool its users spawned from, cantrays are easily spotted by a mound of ashes covering, surrounding, and flicked everywhere except inside the chosen can.

Cantrays are most commonly found in run-down RVs, trailer parks, drug dens, ghettos, and traphouses, however their use is spreading to higher scale neighborhoods at an alarming rate.

Their users see cantrays as a staple of home decor and could not imagine a living environment without one in every room.

Glass beer bottles used in the matter described above are also considered cantrays.

Most commonly used cantrays: Natural Ice, Coors Lite, Dollar Store Cola, Sam's Club Cola, Colt 45, or any 12, 16, 24, 32, or 40 ounce beer bottles
Hey Christie Marie!! Go get PawPaw and bring MeeMaw the cantray and her Virginia Slims before NASCAR starts.

Yo nigga, use the cantray fo I bitch slap yo punk ass.
by Grammar Lee Deficient November 20, 2011
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