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Cant is bullshit uttered by a whining, ignorant bullshitter who bullshits whenever he speaks.
Joe: Gotham Green is so white, they are all wiggas.

Bob: What a steaming load of cant - just shut it you jamoke.
by JamokeJoe July 09, 2009
10 17
means a pussy, a loser, a jack-ass.

Simple a big time idoit.

Or a joking way of calling out a friend who is wrong or did something stupid.
Hey pul ur a cant.

Molse nidez that cant and will bolt-char-arzz.

what a cant, he sucks at everything.
by Ronitz December 08, 2007
12 19
an actual word tom! ;]
i cant run for chocolate !(H)
by befbef March 24, 2008
6 14
Complex And Needlessly Technical. Overly complex, overly convoluted. The antonym to KISSor Kept It Simple Stupid. Describes systems or processes that are complicated for complexity's sake. First used in 2007 at British Telecom plc to describe their Order to Bill system.
What a CANT that Sarbannes-Oxley procedure is!!
by Michael Willcocks July 26, 2007
5 14
There is no such word as can't

So why are you looking for it you jemper!! Which is a real word.

This information was provided by a Ruby Wax double so can not be taken as 100 percent correct.
There are no examples because it isn't a word!!
by Ryanzinhio April 27, 2005
14 27
Like cunt but more friendly patter
you cant AHHHHHHH!!!!!!
by mokafu January 18, 2004
17 31
someone who either hasd a shite job is going to have one
jamie houston u fuckin cant
by randal January 13, 2004
3 27