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6 definitions by randal

shiting in someones mouth and then washing it down with piss
i gave her a hot lunch and a warm beer
by randal February 13, 2004
when you have your thumb in a girls asshole and your middle finger in her twat
what a whore she wanted me to sixpack her
by randal February 13, 2004
A dance, similar to the Hokey Pokey, except with a greater emphasis on pelvic thrusting. It became popular as a disco throwback alternative to the punk rock craze that was taking over Manchester in the late 1970's. It was banned in several prominent nightclubs, including the legendry Hacienda, giving it a reputation as "the forbidden dance."
"Only one man ever lost an eye doing the Zeedar Teretz, and he deserved it."
by Randal May 13, 2004
it means to take a shit
i gotta go and cut some cable
by randal February 13, 2004
While a chick is blowing you, you secretly shit in your hand. Then, you act like you're pulling your cock out of her mouth and you forcefully replace it with a fistfull of shit. While she's choking, you open-handedly slap her, leaving her with a shitty handprint on her face...BANG GUNK!
That crazy bitch couldn't suck cock so I Bang Gunk'ed her
by randal February 13, 2004
someone who either hasd a shite job is going to have one
jamie houston u fuckin cant
by randal January 13, 2004