When you put cocaine in a hole in the filter of the cigarette or mix it in with the tobacco, based on preference.
Hey man, wanna toke on this candy cane i just loaded?
by Livin in Rebellion June 07, 2009
The guys busts in a clear cup, he bits the girls clit and makes her bleed into the cup, then you swirl it around and drink it.
"I had the best candy cane last night"
by ac March 02, 2004
A turd that has the red stripe from the hemroid while it came out.
Man I pinched a candycane off in the toilet you better stay out of there for a while!
by scott January 17, 2004
A person who is half of European descent, and half of Native American descent. Coming from the fact that they'd be part white, part red man, like a candy cane.
Yo, candy cane!
by Doukie February 21, 2009
Noun. A candy cane is a very gothic practice in which a male will masturbate and as he ejaculates, he cuts his penis with a blade to make it bleed and incidentally create a candy cane.
Verb. To candy cane is to carry out this gruesome practice and is often a fun alternative to circle jerks
Hey dude you wanna go can candy cane my dick tonight.
by Faraz M. May 01, 2008
No, bastards. PEACE

It is also (apparently) when a dude comes up to another dude from behind and grabs his cock and pulls hard,flipping the dude over.
Jay candy caned me and i hit my face on the cement.

Go candy cane Rob.

by Billybobyokelman January 01, 2008
In particularly African American urban culture, a candy cane is referring to a marijuana joint laced with fermaldehyde. also see "wet"
Wanna light up a muthafuckin' candy cane, dogg,...
Naw, dood, I'm straight....
by Doug Quaid December 02, 2007

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