A whore house. A place for men (or women) ;) to go to find hott girls and hott sex, too. Example: In 50 Cent's Candy Shop video.
"I'll take ya to the candy shop, I'll letcha lick the lolly pop..." Where "candy shop" is the whore house, and "lolly pop" is his "place".
by Liz March 12, 2005
As used in 50 Cent's song, the term 'candy shop' refers to the delights of the flesh offered to, or shared with a lover. My candy shop is my body and my skills as I offer them to my lover in a fun and enthusiastic way. I think the song is erotic and fun as it describes sex between two people, in a relationship. Not about prostitution or just a 'pick up' in the club. And I think this has been misunderstood by some here writing definitions. Have another listen...
I'll take you to the candy shop
Boy one taste of what I got
I'll have you spending all you got
Keep going 'til you hit the spot

Girl what we do
And where we do
The things we do
Are just between me and you
by RBGoddess January 19, 2006
This shops will open when election come all the politicians will give candies n cookies to all the voters
ha another candy shops just good to hear but will never achieve what a candy shops with broken promises
by yik44 April 11, 2009
eyecandy, hotties, sexy male or females galore
referenced in 50 cent first single candy shop
by gbm1122@hotmail.com February 02, 2005
a song buy 50 cent that is used to describe cent and his girl doing it. "I'll let you lick my lolipop" means I will let you suck on my dick. If you don't understand the rest, ask yo momma!
I'll take you to the candy shop.
by SarahwhoheartsJM May 19, 2007
50s new song from his upcoming album..the Massacre
a candy shop - eye candy , hot girls
So many ott girls right thurr
this must been da CANDY SHOP
by BGgangster4lyfe February 01, 2005
it means Bedroom like in 50 cent's new song "Candy Shop" also means hot men and women
ill take you to the candy shop ill let like the lollipop go head girl dont u stop keep going till u hit the spot

ill take you to the candy shop boy want a taste of what i got ill have u spending all u got keep going till u hit the spot
by Melissa March 19, 2005
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