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an act of sweet, sweet love making. The male reaches around the female and jerks her arms out from underneath her while doin her doggy-style. This causes the female partner to smash her face into the ground. After contact between the ground and her face has been made, the male proceeds to continue thrusting. Thus causing her face to slide along the carpet like a snowplow, and giving that bitch one monstous case of rug-burn.
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by Lance January 06, 2004
The act of respectably filling a woman's vagina with President's Choice whipped cream and proceeding to penetrate her, clearing out the majority of the whipped cream.
Hey buddy, do you want to head down to Tim's for a Double-Double?

Definately guy. Just give me a few minutes, eh. I have to give my consenting girlfriend a Canadian Snowplow first.
by The Saxy Hammer December 20, 2013
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