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When someone spams you online (usually through instant messaging, private messaging, or email service) for the sole purpose of telling you about their webcam.

Camspammer: Hi lolz this iz Candi ive got a new webcam cum on c it on my hott website! hope to c u thair

Sane, annoyed individual: Fuck off!

by Stancel V. Spencer September 04, 2006
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A type of comment spam that frequently appears on youtube and other video sites, posted by cam whores as a means of self-promotion.
1. There are no legitimate comments on this video anymore, its all full of cam spam

2. SeXyBrTTNY69 -- Oohhh nice video, I feel naughty, check out my profile lol
by l33tgeist November 06, 2007
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An advertisement that shows up on websites such as chatroulette and omegle. It is usually an attractive woman in the place of the really person with spam messages being sent to you eventually leading to a porn site or business.
Mike: Dude i saw this girl on chatroulette who was really hot

Dave: Really? Did you talk to her?

Mike: No... it was really cam spam i was so pissed off

Dave: haha loser
by pixyyyyyyystickssss May 13, 2010
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